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Started by a group of healthcare professionals, Health Ascent is Singapore’s premier online info-portal for doctor written advice and articles. With a strong focus on medical aesthetics, Health Ascent brings to you freshly updated articles about plastic surgery, teeth straightening and maintenance, aesthetics and even LASIK. We are proud that we are Singapore’s #1 healthcare website which hosts content written by doctors and healthcare professionals closely tied to the medical scene.

There are many questions that patients commonly ask doctors in Singapore.

Which is the best treatment for acne scars? How come my old clinic only charged $200 for Botox but my new one is charging me $500? Is Ultherapy or Ultraformer more painful?

Questions like those above are rarely answered by doctors on their official websites. In fact, they are rarely answered at all unless you ask them in person. It is not that doctors don’t know the answer to them, but we are unable to freely speak about it in a public setting such as the internet.

Health Ascent changes all that by bringing you the most controversial topics in this industry, based on opinions and facts, straight from doctors themselves as the authors.

We urge more doctors to help contribute to this initiative to educate and bring up the level of knowledge about the work that medical professionals do in Singapore. Keep us bookmarked as we bring you constantly updated articles, fresh out of the oven (or doctor’s computer).