Acne Scar Removal Experience in Singapore: Winter Chee’s Story

A lot of Singaporeans have had experience with acne at least once in their lives. And the sad part about it is that most of the time acne leaves dark, ugly scars over your face that persist with you when you get older. Whether it’s whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, they all leave scars that can be difficult if not impossible to remove with traditional methods. There are a lot of products on TV that claims to be able to completely remove acne scars but is often ineffective in real use.

Due to this, I have always wanted to learn about safe and effective acne scar removal procedures, but there’s too many to choose from! I don’t know what’s the best procedure for me, and I’m sure you too have a similar problem because you have landed on this page. 

Don’t worry, you and I share the same sentiments and thankfully, I have found a blog post that will help us both.

If you’re looking for someone who has had first-hand experience with an effective procedure for acne scar removal, then Winter Chee’s blog post is one you should definitely check out! It is definitely at the top of my recommended list, not only because it is very informative and detailed but also because Winter shared a lot of photos to really help you get a clear picture of what to expect before, during and after the procedure. In addition, her blog post was posted just recently, making it a reliable and updated review.

Winter opens her blog by describing how she’s battled with acne most of her life, and how the ghosts of her acne scars have haunted her up until recently. Thanks to Dr. Isaac Wong at Artisan for Face and Jaw in Singapore, she has now found an answer to her acne scarring woes with the help of PicoSure Laser technology and the Growth Factor Extract. This combination of treatments is designed to not just target skin pigmentation and acne scars, but also stimulate the rejuvenation of your skin, giving you healthier and clearer skin than before.

Why She Chose Dr. Wong:

Dr. Isaac Wong (previously Dr. Israr Wong) was the first doctor who opened her interests in the world of cosmetics. She had her first fillers and Botox injections done by him and has undergone numerous training on several cosmetic procedures, such as thread-lifts, Botox and the likes. His skills and experience made her confident that she will be well taken care of. 

First Things First – Her Consultation

Consultation is the most important step!

During the consultation, Winter described her deep boxcar and rolling scars on her forehead, which she has often covered with bangs before. After a quick but thorough examination, Dr. Wong assured her that with the PicoSure Laser and Growth Factor Extract, 70% or more of her scars would be removed. Because of this assurance, Winter chose to undergo the treatment right away.

Why the PicoSure Laser Treatment was the Best Choice for Her

PicoSure is a laser technology from the USA that is considered to be the finest laser technology at this time. There is almost no pain and very little to no downtime depending on the intensity. Some minimal redness might occur but nothing too drastic that you would have to cover your face. 
The PicoSure Laser is capable of using different wavelengths for different functions. Due to this, the PicoSure Laser is able to treat different skin issues such as skin pigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and acne scars. It can also be used to remove tattoos and can also stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate the skin. It serves as an all-in-one laser that can fix a multitude of different skin problems even in just one session.
The PicoSure Laser employs a patented lens technology called the FocusLens, also known as the BeeHive Laser because of the lens pattern which resembles a beehive. The FocusLens is able to deliver 20x the normal energy to reduce acne scars and stimulate collagen production. The PicoSure Laser has seen popularity in many countries like Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and now, Singapore.

PicoSure laser
PicoSure Laser with the beehive-patterned lens

The Magic of the Growth Factor Extract

When used in combination with the PicoSure Laser, the Growth Factor Extract worked like magic in making her skin more beautiful and giving it a healthy glow. Using the La Racine Automated Dermal Hydrator, a specially-designed NASA grade technology, the Growth Factor Extract is delivered to the skin.

The extract was personally developed by Dr. Wong. Thanks to Winter for this pro-tip!

dermal hydrator
The La Racine Automated Dermal Hydrator all the way from Switzerland!

What to Expect Before, During and After Treatment

What I really loved about Winter’s blog is that she provided a step-by-step description of her procedure, which really helps to let the reader experience the procedure as if they were there. For a brief walkthrough, here is the PicoSure Laser and Growth Factor Extract combination treatment as shared by Winter:

Before Treatment

After the thorough consultation with Dr. Wong, Winter’s face was cleaned and applied with numbing cream to help reduce discomfort during the procedure.

In my opinion, pain tolerance may vary from person to person. For a pro-tip, make sure you communicate well with your doctor when you feel any discomfort or pain so that he/she can make the necessary adjustments to make you have a better, more comfortable experience.

beforePicoSure laser

During PicoSure Laser Treatment

Dr. Wong used three different wavelengths of the PicoSure Laser to perform different jobs in acne scar removal:

•    The first wavelength was used to even out her skin tone
•    The second wavelength was used to target pigmented spots
•    The third wavelength targeted freckles and more severe scars on her face

During Growth Extract Delivery

Using the La Racine Automated Dermal Hydrator, Dr. Wong delivered the Growth Extract into Winter’s skin. Thanks to the careful engineering of the hydrator, the extract was delivered very precisely into the skin, even for different injection depths or dosages. According to Winter, she felt a suctioning sensation on her skin during the extract delivery, but other than that it was a completely painless process. With this procedure, she felt her skin becoming more youthful than before.

After Treatment

Another unique feature that I loved from Winter’s blog post is that it included some aftercare treatments prescribed by her doctor which are not usually included in a lot of other blog reviews out there.

Winter was prescribed the following for aftercare treatments:

•    a skin recovery cream
•    a growth factor extract
•    a good sunscreen

These aftercare treatments help to facilitate healing, reduce redness and swelling as well as to protect her skin from damage that can be caused by the sun or other factors in the environment. Winter had oily and sensitive skin, so your doctor might prescribe a different set of aftercare treatments depending on your skin type and sensitivity.

What About Downtime?

The next day:

•    the visible redness on her face immediately after treatment has completely disappeared
•    the regions where the FocusLens was targeted has started to scab
•    some needle marks were still visible

5 days after:

•    over the course of the week, there has been a visible reduction in the swelling and needle marks
•    scabs caused by FocusLens have dropped
•    pore size has shrunk noticeably
•    skin texture has greatly improved
•    reduced pigmentation of scars
•    skin condition looks more hydrated and lustrous

The Cost of the Treatment

Depending on your skin type and condition, the prices for the combination treatment may vary. The PicoSure Laser treatment costs at least $420 per session, while the Growth Factor Extract costs no less than $533 per session. According to Winter, these prices are similar to prices at clinics in Taiwan, where some don’t even have machines comparable to the PicoSure Laser. Prices from other clinics in Singapore should be close to these amounts and may include hidden costs. Be sure to communicate well with your doctor about all of the costs for the procedure.

My Final Thoughts

I have found Winter’s acne removal experience unique because she underwent a combination of treatments that really works, unlike the other blogs where the writer only underwent a single treatment. I am glad that she shared her experience so that people with the same struggles with deep acne scarring will be able to make a much more informed decision with regards to choosing the best treatment suited for them. 

The best thing about Winter’s blog is that she has provided a montage of photos detailing her experience before, during and after the treatment for a better comparison. Here is one of her before and after snaps where you can really see the full effects of the treatment on her face – a more even-textured and rejuvenated face!

before-after PicoSure
Amazingly beautiful and visible results in Winter's face!

Winter shares her acne scar removal experience and the address of Dr. Wong’s clinic on her blog. Click this link to relive her experience. 

Trust me you will love and learn a lot from it!