Best Laser Hair Removal in Singapore - Advice From A Doctor

Excessive hair can affect everything from the clothes we wear to the activities we pursue.

Most people faced with excessive hair growth have tried a few of the most common approaches, either at home or at the spa. But shaving tends to worsen the problem over time, waxing is painful, and plucking can be worse (not to mention time-consuming). More advanced treatments like intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy can be expensive, and the results short-lived. Each of these procedures invites the possibility of adverse long-term effects, including scarring, burning, and darkening of the skin.

Laser hair removal represents a quicker, longer-lasting approach to the problem with far fewer side effects than most methods. Here are ten good reasons to consider it.

Laser Hair Removal is Effective

Modern aesthetic lasers operate at carefully calibrated frequencies targeting specific cells at specific depths below the skin’s surface. When used to remove unwanted hair, laser energy is absorbed by the hair’s pigment. This allows lasers to work at relatively low power, completely disrupting each hair’s growth without harming the surrounding tissue, even the follicle in which the hair resides.

Most patients report significant, readily noticeable reductions in hair growth within weeks after their first laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is Safe

Compared to other methods, laser hair removal is minimally invasive. Its safety has been confirmed in clinical trials and by virtue of its approval by safety agencies including the US FDA.

In Singapore, unlike some jurisdictions, only licensed physicians are allowed to perform laser treatments, even for cosmetic purposes. Because spas and salons may not offer laser treatments, there is little risk of inadvertently allowing an unqualified practitioner to perform your laser hair removal procedure.

Medical doctors know about the full range of treatments available for people with excessive hair growth, and can recommend exactly the right laser treatment for a given patient’s needs.

Laser Treatment Results in Permanent Hair Reduction

Clinical trials and published medical studies demonstrate that laser hair removal is highly effective on 80% to 90% of hair in a treated area. For the vast majority of patients, that success rate is enough to achieve the desired result.

In typical patients, a significant percentage of hair reduction is permanent. Some hair may return in the long run, but laser treatment permanently disrupts some follicles, interrupting their growth cycles and rendering them permanently dormant.

Patients who choose laser treatment for excessive hair growth can therefore expect noticeable, permanent reduction in total hair volume, even in the long term.

Laser Hair Removal is Suitable for All Skin Types

The procedure is effective regardless of skin tone or complexion. Laser treatment for excessive hair is especially suitable for patients with sensitive skin. While other approaches result in irritation or worse, laser hair removal works beneath the skin’s sensitive outer layer.

Laser Hair Removal is Available in Several Forms

Laser hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Lasers can be made from a wide variety of materials, and different lasers are ideal for different hair-removal challenges and skin tones.

In Singapore, the three most common types of hair-removal lasers are:

  • Diode lasers, lower-frequency lasers appropriate for fair and medium skin tones, and for fine dark hair
  • ND:YAG lasers, very low-frequency lasers that specialize in treating darker skin tones and coarser hair, and
  • Alexandrite lasers, higher-frequency lasers that work best on medium skin tones and average to coarse hair

A given clinic may not have access to every laser, and may not have the type most appropriate to a given patient’s needs. Patients are wise to consult a doctor before seeking a laser hair-removal specialist, to be sure that they are guided toward the most effective laser possible.

Laser Hair Removal is for Men and Women Alike

This stands to reason, but it bears mentioning that more and more men are turning to laser hair removal as a more permanent and less aggravating solution to unwanted hair than shaving.

Laser Hair Removal Is Effective on Every Part of the Body

Other approaches to hair removal are most effective only on a few areas. Shaving, as most people know from personal experience, is fine for flat surfaces but tricky on curved areas like the jawline and shins. Waxing can’t always reach every area in need of attention. Depilatory creams may be painful when used on sensitive areas, and aren’t a great option for generally sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal, though, is so finely targeted that it is appropriate for all areas in need of attention, even hard-to-reach ones.

Laser Hair Removal Saves Time

The typical laser hair removal session lasts just half an hour. Touchup sessions can be done in a matter of minutes, much faster than other hair-removal methods.

Patients see results from the very first treatment. Full results, which are more complete and far longer-lasting than those achieved by other methods, are typically seen after five sessions. Each session produces improved results without the downtime, redness, burns, scarring, and rashes associated with other hair-removal treatments. This lets patients return confidently to their normal routines immediately after treatment, even if they scheduled their session over their lunch break.

Laser Hair Removal Saves Money

Waxing sessions at popular salons can easily cost $200. And that’s just the start: for full results, most aestheticians recommend up to eight waxing sessions. IPL hair removal suffers the same inefficiency: each session may be a bit less expensive than each laser hair removal treatment, but full results require far more sessions than the laser method.

Just as importantly, waxing, IPL, and other traditional hair-removal methods offer only temporary results. Even patients who find cheaper alternatives to laser treatment find themselves paying more after new hair growth drives them back to the salon.

Laser hair removal can cost as much as $400 per session in Singapore. Multiply that by the four to six sessions needed to see permanent results, and the total bill can be a bit daunting. But forward-thinking patients realize that paying a bit more for lasting results is worth it, both financially and in terms of the extra trouble and discomfort that comes with other approaches.

Laser Hair Removal Boosts Confidence

The precise and lasting results produced by laser hair removal, along with its relative lack of side effects and downtime, allow patients to truly wave goodbye to unwanted hair. Short-term methods may get a patient through an event or vacation; laser hair removal gives patients a chance to change their wardrobes, pursue new activities, and live the confident lives they’d always wanted to.