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15 Facts to Help You Understand More About Breast Reconstruction in Singapore Body
20 Jun, 2019
Over the years, a lot of Singaporean women tend to shy away from breast reconstruction surgery due to various reasons. More recently, however, more and more patients opt to get breast reconstruction...
An expert’s take on CoolSculpting Technology 101 – the fat freezing fad taking Singapore by storm Body
11 Apr, 2019
Weight gain is generally viewed as a bad thing by most people. Not only does fat negatively affect your appearance, but it has a variety of negative health implications as well. However, many people...
Answering the WHYs of Breast Augmentation in Singapore Body
20 Jun, 2019
Probably, the most common among plastic surgery is breast augmentation or breast implants. Just in case you are wondering about how frequently this surgical procedure is done worldwide, data would...
Dr Lim explains IPL & Laser Hair Removal Treatment – What you NEED to know before your first session Body
11 Apr, 2019
Excessive body hair has plagued women since the dawn of humanity. For most of that time, the remedies were limited to some particularly harsh options. Body hair could be shaved off, with all the...
Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation Singapore (2020) Body
01 Jul, 2019
Common to the body built of Southeast Asian women are a pair of small breasts. It is no surprise that breast augmentation procedure is searched widely in the World Wide Web among Singapore women....