Carbon Laser Peel - Singapore Aesthetic Clinic Pricelist

The basics of carbon laser facial treatment

Everyone wants clear, smooth skin and there are many products on the market claiming to provide it. These range from creams and serums to dermatological procedures and facials. The hard part is figuring out which treatment is best for your individual skin needs.

A new trend in skincare is a laser facial that involves covering your face in charcoal – would you be brave enough to try it?

This carbon laser facial is becoming more and more popular, especially as celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie are giving it their approval. It is even sometimes called the “Hollywood peel”.

What is a carbon laser facial?

This treatment is non-invasive and uses liquid carbon and lasers to make skin soft, supple, and smooth. The liquid absorbs through the pores and penetrates to the deep layers of skin, and then a laser sends energetic beams of light that break down the carbon and get rid of impurities along with the carbon.

What are the benefits of carbon laser facials?

Carbon laser facials can improve your skin in a multitude of ways. Here are some examples of the benefits of carbon laser facials:

  • Production of new collagen
  • Tighter pores
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Smoother and more even-toned skin
  • Smoothened fine lines
  • Glowing skin
  • Removal of the P-acne bacteria that causes breakouts

How does a carbon laser facial work?

First, your face will be thoroughly cleaned and gently massaged to stimulate rejuvenation of the skin.

Then, the liquid carbon in the form of charcoal clay will be applied to your face and allowed to dry for a few minutes. When it is dry, the laser is applied and the energy directed over the face. The carbon, along with dirt and impurities, will disintegrate as the laser’s energy reaches it. The heat from the laser will also help clean out clogged pores and kill acne-causing bacteria.

You might hear a popping noise during the treatment; this is the sound of the carbon reacting to the energy of the laser as it hits the surface of your skin. You may also smell a scent like something is burning, but this is perfectly normally and no cause for alarm.

After the laser is applied, your skin will be left to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. A cooling, hydrating facemask will be applied to bring down the heat from the laser and moisturize the skin after the dehydrating procedure.

Is this procedure painful?

The pain is very manageable, though patients can expect to feel a slight tingling or prickling feeling as the laser is applied.

How long does a carbon laser facial take?

This is a quick procedure that can be done in 45 minutes to an hour. It can been done over a lunch break, as there is very little recovery time needed.

What results should I expect from my facial?

After one session, you should see around 60% to 80% improvement of your skin conditions. Your skin will also feel fresh and rejuvenated, and less oily due to cleaner, tighter pores. You should see a reduction in pimples as well, as the lasers kills the bacteria that cause acne.

Immediately following the procedure, your skin may be redder than usual. This diminishes within a few hours.

While the skin cells are regenerating in the days following treatment, your skin might feel dehydrated and rough to the touch. This is perfectly normal, and a good sign that your skin is rebuilding itself. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized while healing.

What is the recovery time for a carbon laser facial?

This is a completely non-invasive treatment, so there is no downtime needed at all.

What is the aftercare process like?

After a carbon laser facial treatment session, the skin will be very sensitive so it is important to keep it moisturized and especially to protect it from the damage of UV radiation. Always wear sunblock and a wide brimmed hat when outdoors during the day, and try to limit exposure as much as you can to allow your skin to heal properly and avoid further complications.

What kind of laser is used during carbon laser facials?

This treatment uses a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser which is set to a specific frequency to target certain imperfections. This is a gentle laser that won’t cause the skin to thin, so it can be used over and over without risk. However, treatments shouldn’t be administered more frequently than on a weekly basis.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

The number of sessions needed depends on the patient’s individual skin conditions and how drastic their desired results are. This will be discussed during the initial consultation, but some things that will affect the number of treatments required are:

  • Severity of the skin condition
  • Skin color
  • Skin type
  • How the patient’s skin responds to treatment

For minor changes, three to five sessions should be enough to see the desired results. For those who are looking for more drastic results, or have very severe skin problems, it can take six to ten treatments to achieve desired results.

After one session, the next should be scheduled for two to three weeks later, to give the skin time to heal and generate new skin cells before undergoing treatment again.

How much does one carbon laser facial treatment cost?

The price varies from clinic to clinic, but one session ranges from about $150 to $250 in Singapore.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this treatment?

Because lasers are powerful tools, this procedure should not be undertaken lightly. Do not schedule a carbon laser facial if you have open wounds, skin infections, or sunburn on your face. You should also mention during your consultation if you have especially dry or sensitive skin, or are prone to cold sores, as this can make you unsuitable for this type of treatment.

Always research your doctor and treatment clinic before undergoing treatment. It is vital to find a reputable technician who is well trained and knows what they are doing, as the laser tools used in this procedure can be dangerous if they are not used properly. A good clinic will look after their patients and make sure they are getting the best care for their individual needs. Consult with a reputable doctor to make sure a carbon laser facial is right for you.