Frequently Asked Questions About MBrace® Aligners in Singapore (2019)

Traditional metal braces are no longer the only route to choose in Singapore when wanting to achieve straight teeth. Clear aligners have made their mark and a lot of patients choose this type of treatment for the various benefits they bring.

Did you know that there are 2 well-known brands of clear aligners in Singapore that most people mistake one for the other? These brands are MBrace® and Invisalign.

This article will focus on the frequently asked questions about MBrace® clear aligners.

1. What is MBrace®?

MBrace® is a brand of clear aligners that is ISO certified and is fabricated locally in Singapore. Its company and laboratories are all based in Singapore.

2. Why does MBrace® cost less than Invisalign?

The clear aligners manufactured by MBrace® are completed in Singapore since all of their facilities are located here. On the other hand, Invisalign’s clear aligners are made overseas, specifically in Mexico and Costa Rica, which adds to its costs.

3. How long has it been since MBrace® entered the market?

MBrace® was established in 2014. Compared to Invisalign, which was founded in 1997, MBrace® has just passed its 5-year mark in proving its competence in the dental scene. Despite its fairly recent launch, MBrace® has expanded its network to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

4. What are the necessary steps in getting a complete package of MBrace® aligners?

MBrace® Aligners

The very first thing necessary is to get a dentist’s consultation to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for MBrace®. Patients with very complicated teeth conditions may not be addressed by MBrace®, so doctors usually recommend an alternative.

During the consultation, several procedures are done in order to obtain the requirements needed in the development of your customized sets of MBrace® clear aligners. These are:

  • Bite registration (pre-treatment)
  • Clinical photographs
  • Teeth moulds
  • X-rays of your dental profile

Once these steps are done, the dentist formulates a treatment plan according to the needs of the patient. This plan will then be presented to you for your agreement and sign-off. The series of MBrace® clear aligners will then be manufactured.

5. What happens when I receive the complete set of MBrace® clear aligners for my treatment?

The sets of MBrace® clear aligners are to be worn successively starting from the first set of aligners to the last. Each set is to be worn for 2 weeks and daily for 20 to 22 hours. The aligners may be taken off for very short periods, like eating or brushing the teeth.

Visits to the dentist are still a must in order to keep your progress in check. After completing the whole series of aligners, you are given a set of retainers to use to maintain the teeth’s new formation and avoid any relapse.

6. What are the factors that affect the cost of the treatment?

There are several factors that affect the cost of an MBrace® treatment:

  • Doctor’s consultations. Several trips back to the clinic are needed in order for the doctor to know that your treatment is right on track. Each consultation, of course, has its corresponding fees.
  • Pre-treatment procedures. Dental clinics usually include this in the complete cost quotation of the treatment. However, it is always best to inquire as this may differ from other dental practitioners.
  • Intricacy of the treatment. The number of aligners needed for the treatment highly depends on the placement and movement of the teeth. If the case is extremely complicated, then expect that the number of clear aligners will also be many. The additional sets tally up the cost of the package.
  • Laboratory fees. MBrace® releases standard rates for the use of their laboratories in fabricating the clear aligners. Whatever the rates are, the doctors follow suit. These means that price increases set by MBrace® will definitely reflect on your doctor’s charges as well.
  • Additional required treatments. A lot of cases for teeth straightening using MBrace® clear aligners require interproximal reduction. This procedure involves creating gaps in between the teeth that will help their movement and likewise promote bite improvement.

7. What is the usual price range for a complete package of MBrace® clear aligners in Singapore?

The cost of MBrace® clear aligners in Singapore usually starts at $4,500 to a maximum of $7,000 for both upper and lower teeth straightening. It is comparably cheaper than Invisalign since the clear aligners of MBrace® are done locally in Singapore.

Do note that clinics may differ in the inclusions of their MBrace® package. There are clinics that provide a personalized quotation based on your treatment plan. It’s best to check first before committing to do a procedure.

8. What do I look for in a doctor who can perform an MBrace® treatment?


MBrace® provides courses for dental practitioners to be certified in administering MBrace® treatments. The first thing to consider in looking for a doctor is to know whether they have completed this course or not.

A general dentist or an orthodontist may perform your MBrace® treatment as long as they have been certified by MBrace®. In relation to costs, orthodontists may charge higher than general dentists when it comes to professional fees since they have 3 years of additional education covering the biomechanics of the teeth’s movement.

Also, consider asking the doctor about their skill and experience in administering MBrace® treatments. Do ask for a portfolio of their previous works for you to be able to gauge their competency in handling your case.

You can also ask for recommendations from family and friends who have undergone an MBrace® treatment. If you do not know of anyone within your circle, you can always read reviews online done by Singapore bloggers. There are several bloggers who write about their complete dental journey, most of which are not sponsored, so you are sure that you are getting unbiased and open reviews.

Lastly, go for the doctor who is always after the best interests of their patients. If you feel like a dentist is hard-selling the treatment to you, you are probably better off finding another one. The opinions and recommendations of doctors are very important, and a reliable doctor should be able to give these to their patients honestly. Your doctor should be able to tell you squarely whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, otherwise, refer you to a much better solution to address your needs.

9. Can Medisave be used to cover costs for MBrace® clear aligners?

Unfortunately, Medisave only covers costs for surgical procedures, which MBrace® is not.

10. Can my dental insurance cover costs for MBrace® clear aligners?

Similar to Medisave, dental insurance normally do not include aesthetic or orthodontic procedures in their coverage,


I hope this article has given the answers to the questions you might have about MBrace® clear aligners. At the same time, I wish I was able to help you set the clear line between MBrace® clear aligners and Invisalign. Getting straighter teeth has never been easier nowadays given the various options available in Singapore. Good luck on your quest to find the right doctor and procedure to attain the straight teeth you desire! You might as well think about getting MBrace®, too!