Korea’s Face Thread Lift: A throwback to your youth

I remember when I was still young, I wanted to grow old fast. But now that I am older, I realize how time can take a toll on people. As an aesthetic doctor, my clinic is always filled with people, both man and women alike, willing to pay thousands of dollars just to look and feel young again. 

As much as it is true that time heals wounds (which, of course, is a good thing) but it’s also true that time equates to ageing. We may have well moved on from our pasts yet it leads us closer to the reality that we are not getting any younger. Ageing may mean maturity, increased in wisdom, more experiences, but it can’t be denied that it also means wrinkles, saggy skin, and a droopy face.

Since no one has yet to discover the whereabouts of the fountain of youth, many have gone through the knife for surgical procedures that can restore their youthful beauty. Today, in our modern time, it is comforting to know that we have some alternatives. Science and technology have made it possible for non-invasive procedures like fillers and face thread lifts so you can come back to the young and beautiful you, in an instant.

Face thread lift is a procedure which combats gravity’s toll on ageing skin and restores your complexion. And since this is invasive, it is also fast, painless, chemical free, and patients will even have no downtime after. It has first flourished in Korea but has also spread to other Asian countries, and of course here in Singapore. This has been introduced in Singapore only in recent years but we are now proficiently practising this Korean technology locally.

Just this week, my mother has been complaining about her old-looking face and hinting she would want it for her birthday (next month). Coincidentally, there has been a massive inquiry of this particular procedure in my clinic! Thus, it gave me a push and a need to write this fact-based article in case you are one of those wanting to restore your youthful glory.

How does the face thread lift work?

Face thread lift

Special threads or absorbable sutures usually made from biodegradable materials are used by to lift and contour the face. My clinic offers both insertion and no entry facelift procedures.

Insertion procedure is when fine threads (so that they will go unnoticed by the naked eye) are inserted under the skin using a fine needle. The procedure is usually done while the patient is under local anaesthesia or oral sedatives. The fine threads have tiny cones or barbs that are responsible for lifting and tightening the sagging tissues under the skin. The target sagging areas that will be effectively lifted are cheeks, jowls, mouth, and neck. This procedure also stimulates collagen production that helps in achieving that rejuvenated skin.

No entry procedure, on the other hand, is a thread facelift procedure where the threads will not be inserted under your skin. This is a relatively new technology that most of those inquiring in my clinic are unaware that this exists. This procedure usually uses Korean PDO thread or Silhouette thread.  I am using  Korean PDO threads with my patients so I am not quite as familiar with Silhouette threading.  PDO means polydioxanone, it is a super fine and absorbable thread similar to those used in medical suturing. Instead of inserting, these threads are massaged all over the face during the treatment. It is mixed with an enzyme to form a paste that will be applied on your face. Once the PDO threads are massaged on your face, it will start to be absorbed by your face through the open tunnels of the dermis or the outer layer of your skin. It will settle into the target areas (cheeks, jowls, mouth, and neck). It tightens the target areas and gives a lifting effect.

The effect for both procedures is the same though. It is just up to you which works better for you or which procedure you are more comfortable to be performed on your face. Normally for my patients, I do a sit down with them to discuss the pros and cons so they can make a more informed decision.

Who is suitable for a face thread lift?

Obviously, most people who would want to have this particular procedure are those already advanced in years. Demographically, my patients are mostly women ranging from the age of 45 and above. But this procedure is actually not limited to them. Younger people with saggy and loose skin usually brought about by stress are most welcome to inquire and get it done at my clinic.

Take note, however, that I still have to evaluate and determine if your skin type is fit for a face thread lift. The best candidate is those with relatively good skin tone. But for those with excessively loose skin, I would probably recommend a more rigorous surgical facelift. I had encountered several of these cases already. But don’t worry, I have trusted and highly recommended plastic surgeons in my directory if you wish to proceed with the surgical treatments.

How much does a thread lift cost?

facelift cost

Aesthetic doctors price their services depending on many factors. More experienced and well-known doctors have much costly price ranges that start with $2000 above. This could still change because they will assess what type thread to be used and the severity and effort (also the number of threads) that needs to be done on the patient’s targeted area.

As for me, I can work around the allotted budget of my patient. But generally, my rate starts at $1500.

How long does the procedure last?

Depending on the areas treated, the whole procedure will last up to 15-30 minutes. But I have one case before that lasted nearing one (1) hour. I have not had any procedure done that lasted more than that. That is why this is called a “lunchtime procedure” because that’s all the time you need to finish this. Instant!

Is this procedure produce a permanent effect?

The tightening and lifting effect of thread lifts are not permanent. Threads used in your face dissolve at around 3-6 months after the procedure but even though they are not physically there anymore, they’re effect can continue up to another 3-6 months because of the stimulated collagen production. Your face will still look fresh and young. So generally, the effects of a thread lift can last approximately one (1) year. 

Take note that thread lift does not stop ageing but simply helps minimize the physical and noticeable changes it does to you.

Are there any side effects?

Ideally, there would not be any side effects as well as there will be no downtime.

In case there will be some, it would be swelling and soreness. For all my procedures, there was no one so far who went back with complications aside from these mild ones.

Can this procedure be combined with other treatments?

If you want to combine face thread lift with other treatments, it is better to have a sit-down with your aesthetic doctors about it.

I have one patient before that wanted to do a face thread lift and a HIFU altogether. I agreed with it and I believe it gave her a more natural lifting result.

I hope reading through this article helped you decide whether this is a procedure fitted for you. As for me, writing this helped me decide that this is indeed a great birthday gift to my mother. I will put her name in booking calendar, will I be seeing yours soon too?