PICO Laser Face Treatment with Dr. Isar Wong x TES Clinic 

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It's been a while since my last blog post.

Well.....for the past few months I've not really done anything or tried anything that is blog-worthy LOL! (Just joking)

Honestly, nowadays, I mainly post on Instagram or on Instagram's story, as most of the time some reviews just need a short introduction or video introduction.

Unless it's a treatment journey like threadlifts, tattoo removal, surgery stuff etc.

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It's been a while since I've done any aesthetic treatments, as I've been busy with work, life, recovering for health and injuries etc.... 

Finally, I have time to do something exciting again!

And today I'm gonna share my PicoSure Laser treatment with you guys!


I do actually have some pores problem but you guys can't really see them due to my makeup and of course beauty app 

But ya, the truth is the truth no amount of makeup or app can hide the truth,

so when Dr Wong brought in this new PicoSure laser machine, I was really excited as I've heard how a lot of people has been getting good results from it.

I've done laser treatment before but are mainly for my Tattoo removal or oil seeds removal.

So What is PicoSure Laser???

PicoSure is a laser approved by the (FDA) that delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). It shatters the pigment on the skin into tiny dust-like particles, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally.

It's also a great machine for people who want to achieve youthful, pigment-free skin without a drastic downtime.

PicoSure laser

Its unique wavelength of light (755nm) and specialised lens convert the laser energy into a gentle pressure that activates a natural cell signalling process. This in turns creates new collagen and elastin, which will give us brighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin!

PicoSure can also treat different skin conditions and is especially effective for skin toning and rejuvenation, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scar, pores issues and tattoo removal.

So many benefits! So tell me why would I not want to try this treatment?

FYI, the machine is already very popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, US and UK.

Many Celebrities are also doing the treatment, even my idol Fan Bing Bing is doing it. You guys may also search through YouTube and see the different kinds of reviews from different people around the world.

Anyway for better understanding or you just simply hate reading just play the video below to understand more.

So after the video, if you guys still wish to know even more about PicoSure, please visit Dr Wong's blog, where he did a very very very detailed write up about it.


Oh! By the way, this is how Dr Wong looks like, in the case for new readers who have not done any treatment with him before.

Dr Wong

And this is his profile/biodata

Dr Israr Wong

And Dr Wong has moved to a new clinic now.

He is currently at TES Clinic, located at Orchard Lucky Plaza.

So since it's a new environment I've taken some photos of the Clinic for you guys to see and have a feel of the new place.

TES Clinic entrance

TES clinic reception

TES clinic lobby


plate of TES clinic

consulting room

TES clinic chair

Dr Wong certificates

Dr Wong PicoSure certificate

Wow! look at the awards of Dr Wong!

Suddenly I'm like a proud patient 

(PS: I won't bother showing the consultation photo as I've been following Dr Wong for like coming 3 years already)

Before showing my Pico procedures, let me show you my troubled pore areas.

troubled pore areas

pore areas

And ..... let's start the laser treatment!

start the laser treatment

Remove makeup and cleansing of face

Removing makeup

applying a numbing cream

applying a numbing cream

ok... I'm bored while waiting for the numbing cream to take effect

 TES Growth Factor Extract

PicoLaser treatment

before and after Pico

And I've decided to also do a bonus combi- treatment with the PicoSure treatment

This treatment is called TES Growth Factor Extract is a confidential treatment invented by Dr Wong himself, you can't get it anywhere else!

This TES Growth Factor Extract treatment combined with PicoSure treatment will give you this additional boost of radiant and glowy skin from within.

See the testimonial from Dr Wong's patient.

testimonial from Dr Wong's patient

You can choose to get these stem cells injected directly using normal needle injection or using a special gun-like machine that most people use for a skin booster injection. it has many fine little needles so that it's somehow less painful.

This is the machine as seen below.

gun-like machine

But Dr Wong mentioned that using the traditional injection method will allow the stem cells to be injected more precise into the problem area, for me which is my open pores area.

Of course, I chose the traditional injection way

using traditional injection way

stem cells injecting

immediately after Pico

immediately after Pico + TES Growth Factor Extract injection

cooling recovery mask

after all the treatment, you will be given a cooling recovery mask before it's completed

And Tadah! I'm done!

after all the treatment

with sunglasses

put on the Sunglass and I'm heading shopping after my treatments.

As for the next few days on my recovery, easy peasy no pain no nothing at all.

I've also did some video recording of my whole process which I will upload when it's ready.

Post-PicoSure Treatment


Deep Repair Balm

Post-PicoSure Treatment

As for post-treatment, recovery skincare is very important so please don't anyhow apply anything before checking with a doctor if it's ok not especially for the first few recovery days.

I was prescribed with above Deep Repair Balm to apply for the next few days, as after laser our skin could get really dry and even some minor peeling.

And listen this Deep Repair Balm is sooooo good like imma gonna get it again even for me just travelling to cold country !!!

As for the small bottle, the cream is for just in case, I encounter some itchiness and I can apply on the itchy area only, which I never did encounter anyway.

on the way home

So here is me on the way home after shopping

me at night

this is me at night, same day after pico treatment

Day 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

Day 4

Day 5

Day 5

Day 5 again

Day 5

The Recovery

The Recovery

So my overall verdict of PicoSure Treatment + TES Growth Factor Extract Treatment

I love how the combination has given me a very radiant natural glow after effect, it's like giving a new life to my skin.

And somehow my pores are magically more filled up even after just one session!

I really can't wait to continue a few more session and hopefully, my pores will eventually be poreless!

So for those who have acne scar or pores issue skin, this treatment is highly recommended.

And for those who wanna give your skin this additional boost of a radiant, natural healthy glow and tightening effect, this treatment is a must-do for you as well.

The Price

For PicoSure laser treatment: Starts from $380 onwards

For TES growth factor treatment: Starts from $533 onwards

Where are they located

TES Clinic For Face & Jaw

Dr Israr Wong 304 Orchard Road

Lucky Plaza Medical Suite

#05-42, Singapore 238863

Contact: 9818 7887 / 88089887


OH! I also did my face and neck threadlift with Dr Wong previously, so if you guys are keen to know more do head to below link to read and understand more.


Thanks, everyone for reading and look forward to my updates for the rest of my treatment sessions soon!

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