Veritas Review - Stella Chua

I always had dry and sensitive skin and it would flare up due to the humid weather in Singapore. Growing up, I was an avid user of make-up and never cared for skin care as much as I would for cosmetics. But now as a model, I knew I had to start being attentive to the conditions of my skin so I could learn to maintain it well and be conscious enough to avoid any chances of it flaring up from the cosmetic products I tend to use. Thus, I decided that I should seek professional advice in order to be more aware of my skincare routine and products I should or should not be using. 

So, I was introduced to Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

Upon my arrival at Veritas, I was checked in with a warm welcome by the friendly staffs. They handed me a form to fill in my particulars and information on my skin conditions and concerns, which I felt was helpful as they provided a great number of detailed options for you to choose from. As soon as I was done filling up the form, they brought me into a room and cleansed my face. Right after that, they used a machine to analyze my skin and proceeded to share its conditions and concerns.

They explained exactly what my skin was going through and how I should be caring for it. It was compelling as the staffs were very knowledgeable on my skin type and I felt good learning about my skin condition and how I can further care for it.

I learnt that my face was dry in most areas and I often tend to have redness due to my thin skin. I also have a fair amount of sunspots due to my lack of practice of using sunblock daily. I was advised to use more water-based products for my skin in order to maintain hydration, and of course to develop the habit of applying sunblock 3-4 times a day. Because my skin is thin and easily penetrable by UV rays, I was also advised that the sunblock I use must be of SPF 45 and above to ensure optimal protection. 


Now comes the treatment, and I was introduced to BioRescue Holistic Skin Treatment. This treatment is known to be an effective way to reduce skin problems such as ageing, acne, etc. It would increase the collagen production factors, reduce dryness and help restore hydration, leaving my skin well moisturized and radiant. It was definitely what I needed to ‘rescue’ my skin! The staff carried out this treatment step by step using their equipment to massage the product into my skin which felt amazing, I felt so relaxed I almost dozed off. She was gentle and made sure I was well aware of the procedure at each step and the reasons behind them. 

Stella procedure

Stella procedure

Stella procedure

After the treatment, they extracted my stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. The staff would check in with me from time-to-time if I was feeling any pain or discomfort. She would also warn me of the areas that tend to be more sensitive before continuing with the extraction. 

extracted blackheads and whiteheads

As mentioned earlier, my skin turns red easily, so naturally, it was red in the areas of extraction. Hence I was recommended this next treatment called, Yellow Light Therapy. This treatment relieves the irritation in my skin and aims to enhance its immunity as well. It would also rid the skin of its toxins and increase circulation. It is perfect for swollen and sensitive skin types. All I had to do was rest for 15 minutes under a light for it to work its magic. And it did, I was pretty amazed at the results! 

Yellow Light Therapy

Usually, after an extraction, the redness in my skin would typically take up to an hour or more to disappear entirely. However, after the Yellow Light Therapy, I noticed a distinct difference in the redness that I would usually have. It was lighter in colour, more pink-toned rather than red, and it faded way faster than it usually would. 

The next day, I received a message from one of the staff from Veritas Medical Aesthetics, checking on how my skin has been after the treatment. It felt pleasant knowing that the staffs were making the effort to ensure the treatments they recommended were going well for me. 
It’s been a couple of days since my visit to Veritas, and I feel like my facial complexion feels and looks clearer. I’m absolutely looking forward to my next session with Veritas to check on my skin’s progress and work towards having great and healthier skin in the long run. 

Thank you Veritas and I’ll see you in our next session together.

Stella Chua, 22, BioRescue Holistic Skin Treatment & Yellow Light Therapy.